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Bongs & Pipes

The Persephone Pipe
A Pedestal Pipe...pipe on the top, storage space on the bottom. Beauty all around.
Cupids Dab Rig
When you're truly in love with your rig.
Glitter Pipe
For you girly girls who love to puff!
Ganja Girls Collab
Mini Bow tie Dab rig
Strawberry Pipe
You can't bite into this strawberry, but trust me; you'll get something much sweeter!
Cupcake Pipe
This is a super cute addition to add to your collection.
The Bee Hive
Add some sweetness to your smoke with Empire Glassworks' beehive themed sherlock hand pipe.
Elephant Pipe
This pipe is perfect for all of you animal lovers out there.
Jake The Dog
For all of you Cartoon Network fans, this pipe features Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. This hand pipe is sick! Regardless if you've watched the show or not, this is an awesome pipe.
Pokeball Glass Pipe
If you love pokemon, don't forget to catch this one!
Lightsaber Steam Roller
If you love Starwars, this is for you! Pair it up with the death star grinder and get spacey.
Smokey The Bear
Smokey says, Keep it green.
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