Humidity Boxes, Sleek Designs, Perfect for Traveling, Smell Proof, Wood, Metal & Discrete. The best of the best is right here!

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Water Container Stash
This BPA-free stainless stash bottle is perfect for traveling. Stay hydrated while keeping your valuables out of site and your pockets!
Morton Salt Stash
Keep it in your pantry, this may very well be one of the best secret stashes.
Sprite Stash
Hey man, it's just a sprite.
Jif Stash
Looks Like peanut butter. Just make sure you never have jelly.
Axe Body Spray
Looks and feels like the real thing! HumanFriendly smell-proof bag included.
Secret Stash Set
Comes with 8 pieces. Very handy!
Smoke Space
Keep your lighter and up to six joints/cigarettes protected in one travel case. It also including one cone shaped hole for your pre rolls.

-One slot designed to hold a pre-rolled cone.

-Small hidden compartment located underneath lighter.

-6 total slots that can hold regulars, kings, 100's, hand-rolled.
Small and portable. You won't be able to take much but what ever you choose to take will be well hidden.
MasonBrite Stash Jar Lid
The "MasonBrite Stash Jar Classic Lid Kit" with Airtight LED Magnifying Mason Jar Lid, Cleaning Cloth, Charging Cable, Zippered Pouch - Fits Any Wide Mouth Mason Jar (Jar Not Included)
Belt Stash
This is one of the BEST secret stash you can keep your money in. And it's also a great belt!
Pringles Stash
Yes, it has chips inside for authentication. The bottom unscrews and provides tons of stash space!
ScotchGard Stash
Great to keep by cleaning supplies.
HitchSafe with Key
Put it on your Truck/Suv or any vehicle that has a hitch. Comes with a Key and you can set your own combination.
Spray Bottle Stash
This has tons of space! More than enough to fit money and other green products. The bottom has to be screwed off so it will not open on accident!
Cambells Soup Stash
Low key stash.
So incognito you'll forget you hid stuff in it.
Plant Safe
Not only does this make for good decor but it's actually a good place to stash things in.
Wall Safe
A/C Vent Wall Safe. Ample storage.
Suave Stash
Can hairspray stash with a lot of space! Comes with smell proof bag.
Lint Roller Security Safe
Provides ample room and it still can be used as a lint roller!
Dr Pepper Diversion
Click "go to link" For more info.
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From Discrete to Sleek. These secret stashes and stash boxes are perfect for your everyday needs. Keep your weed accessories out of sight and protect your goods!