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Cryobotz are here to save your smoking sesh from those harsh warm tokes! Simply throw these babies in the freezer for 30minutes - 10 years and watch it get ice cold! Then throw in a joint/blunt and pass your Cryobotz around and enjoy less caughing and no more wet, yucky , nasty J's again! Have a bubbler? Well the Cryobotz fit those as well! Throw it on a bubbler and smoke directly out of the Cryobotz or add a bowl or even banger for a super smooth smoking experience!
The Original Bukket
Portable and waterless gravity bong. This should be in every stoners collection!
420 Kargo
Never misplace your buds again. Keep them conveniently with your bong for easy access. Not to mention it give it a dope look!
The Genius Pipe
The no cough pipe. They guarantee the smoothest hit you can get from a pipe. Very stealthy, easy to clean and sleek design. Comes with a free grinder!
Ferro Porcelain Bong
Advancing the textural boundaries of traditional water pipe production, Ferro’s extruded surface introduces a tactile experience to water pipes made possible by 3D printing.
The Twisty Blunt
Just fill it up, twist it down and breath in that good good. These are a becoming a top seller!
Volcano Plenty Vape
Quick to heat up, Accurate temperature control and so many more features. If different is what you're looking for, this is for you!
Unique Cobalt Glass
This dope ass pipe is so unique, no one can ever mistake it for theirs!
Limited Edition Jerome Baker
This highly graphical, limited edition lunchbox by Jerome Baker is for collectors. Dope af and it won't be around long at this price.
Empire Glassworks Panda
This Amazing work of art comes to you from Empire Glassworks. Very fun and creative bong that will definitely have people talking and coughing
Compton Grinders - Ashtray with Poke
Removable aluminum poker
Made from aircraft grade aluminum
Resting groves at each corner for relaxing between tokes
Table sliders which prevent scratches
Size 10.5 x 10.5 cm (4.1 x 4.1 inch)
Metal Leaf Ashtray
Perfect for any table
Cannabud Ashtray
Hand-finished details
Durable PVC plastic
Easy to clean
Handmade Wooden Ashtray
Kiseru Smoking Pipe
18 Inches Long
Veezy Gas Mask
You know what time it is
Pear Wood Hand Carved Pipe
The Lion. King of the jungle so it's only right that the king of your stoner kingdom should own one of these bad boys.
Churchwarden Pipe
Comes In A Gift Box With Inner Velvet Lining
Rsoewood Bowl - Cool Soothing Draw
Very Sturdy Strong Stem.
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From the Creative to the absolute bad ass. Here is some cool weed products you should check out! From the new to the innovated, we got the 420 products you need.