420 Picks

The Keefer
The Keefer is a high quality stainless steel kief pollen scraper shovel, designed as a multi purpose tool. Bigger in size than your usual scraper, allows you to gather more kief pollen from your herb grinder, jar, box, container, etc. It's also your go to blunt cigar wrap splitter cutter. Makes a perfect addition to your weed marijuana smoking accessories and supplies!
Glazed Kitty Donut
This pipe has been known to cure munchies.. or increase it, I can't remember.
Book of the Dead Bundle
You can lock the book to keep your stash safe. Comes with everything you see.
RYOT Travel Bag
Carbon lined SmellSafe interior, Antimicrobial
Padded walls to ensure safety and a sleek design.
Nectar Collector
If you enjoy Dabbing, you need to try this! Heat up the tip, touch it to oil to vaporize it!
No Goo
Non stick silicone containers.
The Road Runner
Take a hit on the go. It's Double-Donut cooling design creates enough air passage to cool down your hit a bit before delivering taste you can trust.
Twisty Glass Blunt
One of the most popular smoking products of 2017!
Wooden Stash Lock Box Bundle
Comes with everything you see!
Upline Bubbler
This bubbler by Grav is easy on the eyes and lungs. Stands at 8" and made with quality glass.
Stax Perc
OMG.. Coil Showerhead Base, Circ Perc, 3 additional percs,4 Joint Clips, Ash catcher and more. This is one ultimate bong.
Glace Glass Dab Kit
Great starter kit! Comes with everything you see!
Bumble Bee
The Top Hatter
Glass Hammer Bubbler Pipe.
Lizard Saga
Alien Pipe
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