420 Christmas

Make this Christmas one they will never forget..

Be the one who actually gets them a present they want.


Smoke Space
Keep your lighter and up to six joints/cigarettes protected in one travel case. It also including one cone shaped hole for your pre rolls.
The Keefer
The Keefer is a high quality stainless steel kief pollen scraper shovel, designed as a multi purpose tool. Bigger in size than your usual scraper, allows you to gather more kief pollen from your herb grinder, jar, box, container, etc. It's also your go to blunt cigar wrap splitter cutter. Makes a perfect addition to your weed marijuana smoking accessories and supplies!
420 Gag Gift
Just Smoked A Pound Of Weed Mints.
420 Shades
When your future is so bright you always gotta rock the shades.
420Libs: Holidaze Edition
Enhance winter parties with 420Libs and Frosty the Stoned Man! "420Libs: Holidaze Edition" is an ideal party game book and stocking stuffer for stoners. Fill the word blanks for DIY stories about cannabis cookies for Santa, Frosty the Stoned Man, and other chill topics for the chilly season. Look for other 420Libs books year-round!
420 Stash Container
Keep the goods secure.
Zippo Stoner Lighter
Pot leaf engraved with the quote "After all it's only a weed that turns to a flower in your mind."
Non Stick Fingertips
This is for the Dab connoisseur. Never get the wax on your hands again!

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under the tree

Lighter Multi Tool
This is the perfect gift for ANY smoker. This lighter sleeve multi tool by LighterBro comes with everything a smoker needs + a few more.
Gas Mask Bong
If you want to see a big smile on their face, grab them one of these.
Tsunami Glass Rocktapus Bong
Question is, do you want them to love you forever? If so, get them this.
Let's Get Baked Sweater
Perfect for family Christmas parties.
Grace Glass Spiral Perc Bong
This one sure is a looker. Strong durable glass and hits like a champ!
Nuggy - The Smoker's Multi-Tool
This is truly an all in one multi tool for dedicated smokers. 10 Tools in a compact, durable casing. Even has a LED Light.
Icy Jellyfish Bong
So icy you can almost hear the drip.
Black Leaf Mushroom Tree Bong
Sleek straight bong. This will make any stoner happy.
Complete Bong Set
Comes with everything you need, even a cool carrying box.
The Original Six Shooter Pipe
Fastest hands in the west.
Cheech & Chong Bong
Not only is this a great collectors piece but it provides a smooth, clean hit.

Gifts Under $20

100 Dope Stickers
Yes, 100 stickers.
Funny Stoner Socks
Perfect for your lazy stoner loved one.
Grinder & Stash Jar
The Shroom bong is the perfect decal.
Reefer Underwear
Funny gag gift.
Skull Pipe
Handmade & Hand painted. Carved out of wood.
Pokeball Grinder
If they are a stoner and they love pokemon.. This is a no brainer.
Stoner Zone
Stoner Zone "Sign"
Rasta Lion Pipe
Handmade & Hand pained.