Smoking Accessories

This months top smoking accessories voted by you, the smokers. So here you are! The best smoking accessories of 2016

Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel
Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tips by ROOR.
Buddy Folding Scissors
Super handy to have. Trim the pesky leaf off your buds!
The Twisty Blunt
Just fill it up, twist it down and breath in that good good. These are a becoming a top seller!
3 in 1 Pipe Cleaning Tool
RAW Smoking Wallet
Carry everything you need in one wallet.
Zen Bristle Pipe Cleaners Bundle
RAW Dinner Tray
Big enough to eat and roll on the same tray! Super solid and it's made by raw so you know it's good.
RAW Pollen Press
RAW Shredder Case
Something you should never be without!
Smokers Multi-Tool
The Ultimate Smokers Multi Tool.
Silicone Scoop
Concentrate Fork
Curved Scoop
Bottle Opener & Flat Head Driver
Detail Hook
Flat Scoop
Herb Scissors
5 Extremely Sharp Stainless Steel Blades.
420 Wipes
Cleans up and sticky situation.
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