Trippy Ashtray
If you like psychedelics, this one is for you!
Stoner Gnome
Perfect addition to your collection. I already know what you are thinking. You won't get gnomed on this one.
intergalactic Space Alien
I wonder why type of weed it smokes.. Probably out of this world -.-
Smokeless Ashtray
Help filter out all the smoke from your joints or blunts with this smokeless ashtray!
Rasta Tray
Mellow out your environment with this dope little ashtray.
Glass Pot Leaf
I think the reasons you should get this outweigh the reasons you shouldn't.
Silicone Leaf Ashtray
This unbreakable and easy to clean ashtray should be on every stoners table. Comes in various colors.
Probably the most useful ashtray ever invented for a stoner. Easily empty out your bowls into the ashtray with its built-in poker
Solid Leaf Ashtray
Comes in multiple designs and colors! Check em out!
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Ashtrays are play key role in a stoners house. From awesome table decor, multi purpose or just ones that gets the job done. We have put together a list of some of the coolest weed ashtrays available! These are a stoner accessory that you definitely need.