Ancient Dragon Ashtray
Made of Polyresin
Expert craftsmanship.
Silicone Ashtray
For when you need a non stick, quality ashtray.
Smokeless Ashtray
Runs off C batteries and has 2 carbon filters to ensure odorless smoke.. cause who wants that?
Handmade Wooden Ashtray
100% Unique Handcrafted ashtrays | Each ashtray has its own carefully crafted shape and character. So technically, you will be the only one in the world with that type of astray.
Cast Iron Hand Antique Ashtray
This thing is virtually indestructible and makes a awesome center piece.
Hypnotic Pot Leaf
Limited Edition Metal ashtray.
Modern Wooden Ashtray
Sleek design. 4 cig holders. Constructed with high quality wood.
Chill Jamaican Ashtray
Perfect piece for your stoner kingdom.
Smokin' Dead Zombie Ashtray
Top of the head comes off for extra room.
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"Ashtrays are play key role in a stoners house. From awesome table decor, multi purpose or just ashtrays that gets the job done. These are a stoner accessory that you definitely need."