My Heart Belongs to Maryjane
And no one else ATM!
Tree of Life Zippo
How deep is your zen?
High as a Kite
Tell me, exactly how high are you?
Cassette Tape Zippo
Take it way back to the days when you had to rewind the track if you wanted to hear it again.
Weed Beat Zippo
My heart, it beats for you and only you.
Pasiley Pot Leaf Zippo
Trippy, just what we want!
420 Drip Zippo
Drip drip.
Linse OG Lighter
Keep it lit. Keep it old school.
Gold Clipper Lighter
Make sure no one can mistakenly say this is their lighter. Let your inner baller spark that next J.
Bud Lighters
Comes with 3.
Wick with style! The patented easy roller action makes it a cinch. No hassle. No mess. A smooth, natural flame without the harsh butane!
Unique Bic Lighters
If your tired of always losing your lighters and not knowing if someone else is the culprit, get these. Super unique so no one else can say it's theirs. You see that Taco one?
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Lighter Sleeves

Hit Kit™ - Pipe | Stash | Lighter Holder
Hit Kit™ is all-in-one jewel with everything you need: pipe, stash and lighter holder. Machined from solid billets of aerospace grade aluminum (black anodized finish), its lightweight and ergonomic design fits in your pocket like a charm!
Multi-Tool Sleeve
Toker Poker
Water Proof Sleeve
Hemp Sleeve
Kush Puppy
Only Smiles
Pot LEaf
Stoned Sponge Bob
Good Buds Stick Together
Muhammad Ali
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