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Extendo Clip
Roach clip that can be extended out to 36 inches!
Steel Clip
Works like a charm.
420 Bracelet Clip
Pot leaf roach clip.
Keychain Roach Clip
Raw keychain.
The AXIS 2000 Clip & Case
The AXIS smoking Clip and its Carrying case are sold together. The highly polished, Brass and Stainless Steel Clip is made in the USA to last a lifetime. The US Patented Clip cools the smoke as it travels down the brass tube allowing you to smoke until
there is nothing left without burning your lips or hands. Also included, a solid brass cleaning rod, instructions, AXIS sticker, and a
free pack of AXIS 100% Hemp Ultra-Thin Rolling Papers.
Bracelet Clip
Comes in multiple colors.
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Roach clips are that one weed accessory that every OG smoker has around.