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The MAZE Pipe
The MAZE Pipe! The New Generation of Pipes, Designed for Your Safety & Pleasure
The coolest & smoothest smoke you'll ever have!
The first self-smoke-cooling, self-smoke-cleaning, self-smoke-purifying pipe.
Smoke travels down a patent pending spiral maze that blocks resin, tar, scooby snacks, dry ash, and dirt. The easiest Pipe to clean.
The MAZE has the perfect draw, it stays lit longer, perfect for windy days.
The MAZE works perfectly with any 8-9 mm filters to offer an even cleaner and smooth
The Ray Gun
COD Fans, this is for you!
Pineapple Pipe
Imagine.. Chillin on the edge of Costa Rica puffin of this bad boy.. Now open your eyes, pack the bowl and continue flipping through channels.
The Bee Hive
Add some sweetness to your smoke with Empire Glassworks' beehive themed sherlock hand pipe.
Tentacle Pipe
Pack a bowl and release the Kraken..
Glazed Kitty Donut
This pipe has been known to cure munchies.. or increase it, I can't remember.
Grenade Pipe
When you got the bomb.
The Sea Floor
Who needs the discovery channel when you can just gaze upon your pipe?
Spray Can Chillum
Dope ass design and a hitter!
I'm sure you will find master splinter after using this.
Illuminate Sherlock Glass Pipe
Amazing work of art.
Dragon Head Pipe
Puff the magic... well.. you know.
Carniverous Plant Pipe
Super Mario anybody?
Conch Shell Pipe
Nothing but good vibes
Doughnut Pipe
Have you seen one? Prob not, here you go.
Double Barrel
Empire Glassworks Earth Dragon
Pokeball Pipe
If you love pokemon, don't forget to catch this one!
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"This is why we smoke. For the cool, unique and down right awesome stoner stuff we can get. These pipes and bongs are super unique, quality products and even better to look at!"