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Shroom Pipe
Looks like an ordinary mushroom right? Keep it on the table and no one would ever be the wiser.
Spark Plug
Perfect for on the go on one of the best stealth pipes you could own. Keep it in your car so you always have a way to puff.
Pen Pipe
Quick one hitter disguised as a pen.
Pocket Bong
Fits perfectly in your pocket and puffs like a champ.
Cig One Hitter
Looks like a cig right? but not cancer here!
Flashlight Stealth Pipe
If the power ever goes out just know you'll have light and a pipe to puff some relaxing leaves.
Bracelet Pipe
Fashionable and a hard hitter.
Jane West One Hitter
Super sleek and provides a great hit.
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"Smoke at your discretion, discreetly and stylish with these Stealth pipes, Hidden pipes, Disguised pipes and something you can take with you where ever you may go."