Destroy your hunger

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Kush Cakes
Melatonin And Valerian Root Are The Key Active Ingredients.
100% Natural and Legal!
Smarties Candy
Giant sized. Comes with 36 candies.
York Peppermint Patties
1 Pound of that wake you up freshness.
Cinnamon Twists (7 Oz) Bag
Like the ones from Tacobell.
Huge Bag of Skittles
8 Pound bag of skittle (original) Imagine buying 10,000 of these and making your own skittles pool.
Rice Krispies Treats SuperSheet
Yuummm. One giant sheet of rice krispies.. Honestly, what are you waiting for?
Bulk Bag Jelly Belly
10 Pound bag with 49 different flavors. Remember these?
1 Pound Snickers Bar
You're not you when your hungry.. I wonder who you will be if you concur this massive snickers.
Munchie Care Package
Extra Large Kit Kat Bars (12 Pack)
4.5-Ounce Bars. Time to dig in!
World's Largest Box of Nerds Candy
2.2 Pounds of nerds candy. Your teeth are in for a battle.
Giant Gummy
This huge Gummy Bear comes in weighing a massive 5 pounds. Let the games begin.
Sour Strawberry Gummy Belts
Its a 3.3 pound box of pure greatness.
Giant Gummy Cola Bottle
8" Tall about 1 pound and pure enjoyment.
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bar
This bad boy weighs 5 pounds and can feed your whole family, your cousins and your grandparents.
World's Largest Gummy Worm
At 3 pounds this will break your craving and last you a long time.
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Every Stoner gets the munchies. Destroy and concur your hunger with these hand picked Stoner Munchies. Now matter what you're craving we've got the right snack for you! Giant gummy bears, enormous krispy treats and snack packs. Your stoner munchies have no chance with us by your side!