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Lost in Space Bundle
It's just outta this world!
Hidden Treasure
Fully loaded 7 pc. bundle includes: 4 pc metal grinder w/ keif catcher & shovel, airtight glass storage container, RAW standard and king size rolling papers, RAW filter tips, RAW hemp wick.
Khalifa Bundle
Comes with everything you see!
GrassCity Combo Kit
One of the more popular kits.
JaJa Rolling Kit
Comes with everything packed in a portable metal container. Every stoner should have this handy!
Hakuna Bundle
Sleek design and easy to carry.
RAW Bundle
10 Items.
Grasscity Crazy Combo
Comes with everything you see and a dope carrying case!
Travel Pack
Great travel pack. Comes with everything you see.
RAW Rolling Bundle
Everything you need to roll perfect joints every time.
420 First Aid Kit
Comes with: Double -Chamber Water Pipe
-Bad Mo Fo Lighter
-Storage Jar

One day we grew tired of our ash filled shoe box and re-imagined the stash box.

Our smoking kit has all you need to partake in natures goodness, when youre done using it, lock up securely.

The foam casing allows for safe and convenient travel, while the air tight closure keep the aroma locked inside.
Original Smoker Kit
10 Piece Carrying Case and Accessory Kit - Includes grinder, one-hitter, papers and more!
Black Leaf Bong Kit
Quality glass and comes with everything you could need for a bong.
Rolling Machine Stoner Kit
10 Piece Carrying Case and Accessory Kit - Includes grinder, rolling machine, papers and more!
OCB Bundle
4 Items.
Zen Bundle
Grinder, Lighter, Storage case, Papers and Rolling machine
Smoke N Go
Smoke buddy and Formula 420 odor neutralizer.
Lock Chest
Includes 63mm Zinc Grinder with Kief Catcher and Metal Storage Jar
RAW Standard Rolling Paper, RAW King Size Rolling Paper, RAW Hemp Wick, RAW Filter Tips, RAW Bamboo Rolling Mat. The bock comes with 1 key.
Premium Smoker Kit
10 Piece Carrying Case and Accessory Kit - Includes 2" grinder, Toker Poker, hemp wick and more!
Book of the Dead
Secret stash lock box. Comes with everything you see!
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