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Bong Kit
⭐DEAL: This Rasta style bong kit comes with everything you need to blaze! Right now its Half OF and Free Shipping. Hurry because this deal won't last!
Yoda Kit
May the force be with you.
Sleek Kit
This super sleek kit is a great size to keep out of sight and big enough to hold everything you see and a little more!
Minimalist Case Kit
Pipe, papers, grinder, lighter and hemp wick.
Death Box
Grinder, papers, smell proof container and a bamboo rolling tray yet still has plenty of room!
NSFW Bundle
What more could you ask for?
Hidden Treasure
Fully loaded 7 pc. bundle includes: 4 pc metal grinder w/ keif catcher & shovel, airtight glass storage container, RAW standard and king size rolling papers, RAW filter tips, RAW hemp wick.
RAW Bundle
10 Items.
Minimalist Stash Box
Made from bamboo this minimalist stash box has multiple functions and ample room. Comes with everything you see.
Dab Kit
Comes with everything you see plus a smell proof, water resistant shock proof case.
The Tree of Life
With a rock solid case, locks and a smell proof bag. This has got to be one of the strongest kits out there.
Lost in Space Bundle
It's just outta this world!
Dark Bong Bundle
Comes with everything you see and is currently on sale!
Bomber Bong
Dope little stash kit that comes with a grinder, glass jar and some papers.
Khalifa Bundle
Comes with everything you see!
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