This is for the High Rollers & Smokers who enjoy High End Glass

If money isn't an issue. These Top Shelf Bongs are for you

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Radioactive Cloud
Keep your head in the coulds.
Pina Colada
While other sip pina coladas, you will be puffin pina coladas.
Stax Multi Perc
OMG.. Coil Showerhead Base, Circ Perc, 3 additional percs,4 Joint Clips, Ash catcher and more. This is one ultimate bong.
The Bee Hive
This bad boy has a recycling motion and a diffused downstem to filter your smoke as much as possible before you hit it. Not to mention it is one of the most desired pieces out right now.
Root Beer
Root Beet style Bong. Need I say more..
Pineapple Paradise
This tropical bong is a definite mood setter.
AMG Glass - Dope Skull
Intense art design and a all around bad ass piece.
Urban Glass - Shop of Horrors
This one of a kind piece provides a smooth hit and endless laughs.
Empire Glass - Drangon Ball
Inline Perc DabRig
Medicali Glass $320.00
Made in the USA, ships from the USA
Handmade with laboratory-grade borosilicate glass
Inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm diffuser downstem
Ideal downstem length: 12.5 cm / 5 inches
Worked glass 14.5mm slide bowl with handle
Medicali black and green script label
Slitted splash guard
Ice notches
No carb hole
Liquid Sci Glass $287.50
Micro Double 8-Arm Tree Perc Ice Bong with Female JointStable round base
Ice notches
Two 8-arm tree percs
Slitted splashguard
14.5mm female joint
14.5mm male glass flower bowl with rollstoppers
14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem
Ideal downstem length 9.5 cm/ 3.75 inches
No carb hole
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Bongs so unique, I bet you will be the only one in your city who has one. Not everyone can afford these but if you can, maybe if you put money aside every month. You can get one of these beautifully  crafted works of art. Some of the coolest bongs ever created.