This is for the High Rollers & Smokers who enjoy High End Glass

If money isn't an issue. These Top Shelf Bongs are for you

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The Goblin
Whats a goon to a goblin?
Ever dreamed of sharing a hit at the same time with your best friend? Time to wake up and bake up.
The Fishermen
No boat required.
Radioactive Cloud
Keep your head in the coulds.
Pina Colada
While other sip pina coladas, you will be puffin pina coladas.
Pineapple Paradise
This tropical bong is a definite mood setter.
Stax Multi Perc
OMG.. Coil Showerhead Base, Circ Perc, 3 additional percs,4 Joint Clips, Ash catcher and more. This is one ultimate bong.
The Bee Hive
This bad boy has a recycling motion and a diffused downstem to filter your smoke as much as possible before you hit it. Not to mention it is one of the most desired pieces out right now.
Root Beer
Root Beet style Bong. Need I say more..
AMG Glass - Dope Skull
Intense art design and a all around bad ass piece.
Urban Glass - Shop of Horrors
Typhoon Water Pipe by Ch
Chameleon Glass makes some of the highest quality glass you can find, not to mention awesome designs on every piece. The Typhoon Bong is a perfect example. It features a cyclonic water filtration, air cooling, and swirling vortex smoke show that smokers love. You have to check it out!
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Bongs so unique, I bet you will be the only one in your city who has one. Not everyone can afford these but if you can, maybe if you put money aside every month. You can get one of these beautifully  crafted works of art. Some of the coolest bongs ever created.