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Affiliate Disclosure We would NEVER put a product or service that we wouldn't personally use nor anything to harm our fans/customer. Just to be completely transparent, LiveStoner is apart of several affiliate/partnership programs. We make a small commission from any sales that are made. Other Stoner companies move products, you help their business grow and You get awesome stoner products. Thanks for your support! We truly mean that.

  • What is LiveStoner?
    LiveStoner is a site where you can buy stoner stuff online. We have everything a stoner could ever need and really do our best to put amazing weed accessories infront of you.
  • Is it safe to buy stuff on Live Stoner?
    Yes. We never share your information with any outside parties. Also only verfied, prominent comapnies are featured on Livestoner. You must abide your locals laws. If anything is illegal to own in your state or country, please do not break the law
  • Why do I get redirected to other sites when I click on a product?
    LiveStoner is apart of many affiliate and partnership programs. We bring the best of whats out there and put it in front of you. We do extensive research and don't partner with any bad rep companies.
  • Do you guys have any of your own products?
    As of right now no. We are in the process of creating our own line of stoner products though =)
  • Why should I make my purchases on Live Stoner?
    When you buy from LiveStoner you help the future success of fellow stoners. 90% of everything sold on LiveStoner is made by stoners and your support give all of us the motivation to keep pushing forward! Not to mention further the success of fellow enthusiasts everywhere
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