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Celebs That Blaze


Celebrities that smoke weed.

10 Celebrities you Never Knew Smoked Weed!

Smoking marijuana, whether it is by firing up a slow-burning joint or juicy blunt, has gained a fairly poor reputation over the years. Thankfully, the world is realizing the medical potential of the plant's cannabinoids. Due to the natural plant's abundant benefits, even the rich and famous are joining the pro-pot movement!


In the words of rap artist Wiz Khalifa, “There's nothing you can do wrong when it comes to smoking weed.”

Despite being a preferred herbal remedy for well-known celebrities who smoke weed loudly and proudly, such as Miley Cyrus, Seth Rogen and Rihanna, misconception continues to linger around the ‘reefer revolution’.


Cynics and uneducated individuals may not understand why celebrities who smoke weed (or anyone, for that matter) would do it for anything other than to savor the psychological effects. Truth is, not every celebrity smokes weed just to get 'blazed’.


Since so many cross-bred cannabis strains are cultivated with a desirable CBD to THC ratio, including Harle-Tsu, Stephen Hawking Kush and Ringo’s gift, not only can they be smoked for a potent high but also, to enrich the body!


The rising number of celebrities you never knew smoked weed is encouraging others to give it a try. But who exactly are the unsuspecting ones? You are about to find out.


10 Unsuspecting Celebrities who Smoke Weed


Cannabis is gaining widespread exposure for its health-boosting potential, with some people using marijuana for medical purposes, and others savoring the plant's THC-induced high. However, this doesn't mean that every

cannabis user wants the world to know about their weed smoking habits.


If you look further beyond the surface, you'll learn how marijuana is commonly being consumed in privacy, just as much as it is being used publicly.


Weed accessories make it easy for anyone (celebrities included) to get the most out of their bud. Delivery services offer a subtle way to experience cannabis’ healing Cannabidiol (CBD) compound or its psychological compound - Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Since the following celebrities are confirmed weed smokers, cannabis is certainly not limited to the stereotypical ‘hippie smokers’:

Morgan Freeman - Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman has spoken out about his guilty pleasure on numerous occasions. The 80-year-old is active on the marijuana legalization scene and has been pushing for laws to be lifted “across the board”.

Cameron Diaz - Her real-life characteristics may not be so different from her appearance as a pot-smoking rebellious teacher on the movie Bad Teacher after all. The blonde bombshell maintained her marijuana supply during high school with help from none other than Snoop Dogg!

Justin Timberlake - The former member of boy band N-Sync might have a fairly clean-cut appearance, but Justin Timberlake has been known to kick back in his sweatpants for a blaze. A supporter of marijuana legalization, Timberlake believes that crime rates could be slashed in half if more States were weed-friendly.

Matthew McConaughey - Did you know that this Oscar-winning actor was once arrested in his birthday suit for playing the bongos, whilst smoking weed? To this day, Matthew McConaughey relishes an occasional rip and is recognized as a passionate marijuana advocate.

Jennifer Aniston - She is best known for playing the role of Rachel on the hit television comedy series, Friends. However, there is more to Jennifer Aniston than raw talent and beauty. The Hollywood A-lister considers weed-smoking a pleasurable pastime and sees absolutely nothing negative about using the natural herb.

George Clooney - Women swoon over this silver fox, who is yet another of the celebrities you didn't know smoked weed. The Ocean’s Eleven star keeps his cannabis habits pretty low-key. Nonetheless, George Clooney doesn't deny getting baked. He must have a soft spot for cannabis-smoking sessions, since he makes frequent visits to Amsterdam and has been seen puffing on joints at popular celebrity hangout spot, Dampkring Coffeeshop.

Kirsten Dunst - Laid-back, intelligent and pro-weed, this elegant actress is not afraid to speak up about her thoughts on marijuana. Just like many other celebrities who smoke weed,  she strongly believes the world would be a better place if weed was legalized everywhere. In fact, she described America’s tainted view on marijuana as “ridiculous” in an interview with Now Magazine.

Harrison Ford - Although he has never been portrayed as a cannabis smoker in any of the movies he's famous for appearing in, Harrison Ford is widely believed to be one of the celebrities you didn't know smoked weed!

Michael Bloomberg - Once upon a time, this Billionaire and former New York City Mayor was the face of a major media campaign for marijuana. He also admitted to enjoying occasional marijuana use before stepping up to his responsibilities as State Mayor of the “Big Apple”.

Charlize Theron - When she is not strutting down catwalks or starring in movies, this stunning actress and film producer has been pap-snapped inhaling cannabis fumes... from an apple! Someone who knows how to transform fruit into a tool for smoking pot like this has probably experienced THC-induced euphoria more than once in their life.

Why do celebrities introduce weed into their lives?


Every single person's reasons for making it onto the list of “celebrities who smoke weed” will probably differ slightly, if not a lot. While some celebrities rely on cannabis for health/medical perks, some will smoke it to feel relaxed. Others may choose a balanced CBD-THC strain that offers the best of both worlds!


Treating depression and psychiatric disorders, unlocking a creative side, boosting the metabolism and increasing the body's resistance to disease are some fine examples of the many health and therapeutic benefits of cannabis. While we may not fully understand the reason(s) why the above celebrities puff the green stuff, cannabis is clearly a much-loved herb!


Did you know about these celebrity cannabis product lines?


In addition to the above celebrities who smoke weed, a number of them have been so inspired by marijuana that they have released a line of cannabis products.


The following lines are branded by none other than the star's themselves:


  • Whoopi & Maya - Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth (the lucky recipient of numerous Cannabis Cup awards) are inspiring females worldwide to try their cannabis-infused edibles for relief from hormonal imbalances and menstrual cramps.

  • Leafs by Snoop - Snoop Dogg has long been considered a true cannabis connoisseur. Fans can now smoke weed using products from Dogg’s chronic cannabis product line, which was developed in cooperation with Tweed.

  • Marley Natural - The late reggae music legend's brand was established in 20160 in honor of the respected musician. Bob Marley's relatives got together to launch the leading cannabis brand, which features hemp body care products and smoking accessories, like papers and stash boxes.


So, if you thought that smoking weed was still associated with a negative stigma, it can't be that bad, can it? The media is shedding much more light (and a positive one, at that) on the different types of cannabis strains, recreational/medical legalization laws, and the plant's health-enhancing potential.


Newer and more advanced weed smoking accessories are constantly being introduced to the market, which the celebrities you never knew smoked weed would most definitely appreciate.


You can customize your smoking experience and ensure optimum cannabinoid absorption by experimenting with various types of pot paraphernalia, such as extraction kits, pipes,  bongs and portable vaporizers.

Bethan is a full-time wanderluster, traveler, and digital nomad with 7 years of experience in the freelance writing world. She has mastered the art of beating jet lag and using hammocks as an office for content curation.

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