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Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety


Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety. Cure anxiety with cannabis.

Marijuana as an Anxiolytic Agent: Treat the Symptoms of Anxiety with 5 Cannabis Alternatives to Prescription Medication

A debilitating mental health condition is affecting the lives of millions of people across the United States, with an estimated 40 million adults currently battling anxiety. Based on information published by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety is the most prevalent of all mental illnesses, therefore it is not surprising that for many years, patients have been visiting their Doctor to obtain a medical prescription.

Although prescribed drugs like Xanax, Valium and Klonopin can offer temporary relief from the symptoms of anxiety, such as panic attacks, shortness of breath and social awkwardness, is it really necessary if there is a natural alternative available? 

Cannabis is that natural alternative and it's changing people's lives for the better. In fact, one scientific study published findings that prove how anxiety levels can be reduced when CBD is administered to the patient Another study on CBD for anxiety described it as an effective alternative to “traditional psychiatric medications”.

What does cannabis and the CBD compound have to do with anxiety?

Cannabis has been mentioned frequently in the media over the last few years and even more so as of late, what with so many US States legalizing the sale/consumption of medical and/or recreational marijuana. An increasing number of anxiety sufferers are turning to the marijuana plant for medical relief. Even the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) admitted how CBD can prevent, tame or even stop anxiogenic effects.

What you really need to know about cannabis, however, is that the plant can be cultivated for optimum cannabidiol (CBD) content. 

benefits of using CBD

What is CBD, you ask? Well, the cannabis plant comprises in excess of 100 compounds, with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the one that most people (and cynics) will focus on. (Funny that, considering CBD has been hailed a “life-saver” for its medical potential, isn't it?)

Thankfully, this compound is rapidly being recognized, tested, cultivated, used and in many cases, prescribed, for a medley of medical conditions, like anxiety. CBD is being used for the treatment of nausea, psychosis, cancer and behavioral problems, to name a few medical problems.

Not every US citizen is able to experience the beneficial effects of cannabis consumption for anxiety relief, however. Until this time, they may travel to states where medical cannabis has been legalized or take note of the breakthrough discoveries being made by consumers who are regularly using cannabis as an alternative to anxiety-related prescription drugs.

5 Recommended CBD-Rich Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

From growing marijuana yourself to purchasing it from a licensed vendor/dispensary with a medical marijuana card, the following CBD-rich marijuana strains for anxiety are claimed to be the best for treating the mental illness.


CBD MediHaze - A combination of Super Silver Haze and Neville's Haze, this strain for anxiety is from the Sativa species, making it the perfect option for users who want to feel slightly relaxed, but social. The special 80/20 Sativa strain has various other medicinal qualities, such as inflammation and pain-relief. When the bud is concealed in an airtight container, it will release a pungently fragrant scent in your direction. It's CBD to THC ratio is usually between 1:1 and 1:2.

Harlequin - A very well-known strain that is savored by smokers and medical marijuana users alike, Harlequin will give THC lovers a satisfying dose. The anxiety-relieving strain has a CBD to THC ratio of 5:2. Cross-bred with the genetics of Colombian Good and Swiss Landrace, Harlequin is recommended for cannabis users who have previously built up tolerance by using a low THC strain, unless those people want to feel pretty lifted! (Wait, isn't that the point?) Give it a try.

CBD Critical Cure - This type of marijuana for anxiety originates from an Indica family and it has a CBD to THC ratio of 8:5. Although the effects are not overly intense, they are sufficient to enhance mental clarity. The great thing about this strain is that it offers the best of both worlds: non-drowsy relaxation and relief from feelings of anxiousness. 

CBD OG Kush - It’s not just the people dealing with anxiety who are able to experience an improvement in day-to-day life after using CBD OG Kush but also, people with depression, high stress levels and poor concentration. The Reeferman Seed Company revealed this hybrid strain to the public. The CBD to THC ratio is divided evenly at 1:1. However, some plants can produce buds comprised of 20% CBD or more!

Cannatonic - Some anxiety sufferers will use Cannatonic to banish depressive thoughts and feelings of stress; some symptoms commonly associated with anxiety. This cannabis strain has a CBD to THC ratio of 1:1. Medical marijuana users can taste something fruity with citrus undertones when they consume Cannatonic. If you have tried this strain’s grandfather, OG Kush, you may find the taste somewhat familiar. Relieve tension, migraines and muscle spasms with this marijuana for anxiety, which has even won awards!

These aren't the only cannabis strains you can use as a treatment for the symptoms of anxiety. Cannabis cultivators are constantly experimenting with new strains, some of which are even cross-bred for maximum results! Nonetheless, the above recommendations have been tried-and-tested to provide anxiety patients with a pesticide-free alternative to medication. Due to the fact anxiolytic drugs may contain chemicals, they have the potential to cause addiction and unwanted side effects.

Considerations Before Treating Anxiety with Cannabis

Sample a few different strains and consider what kind of effect(s) you wish to experience from cannabis before using it. By doing so, you can select a strain that contains a favorable balance of CBD and THC. Since THC will give you that 'stoned’ effect, choose a suitably balanced strain that will not only treat anxiety with it's miraculous CBD composition but also, that plunges you into a state of THC-induced euphoria.

Not to worry if you are simply interested in learning about anxiety-busting marijuana for its medical aspect, because strains with lower THC content have been approved for medical use on children and even pets! A good example of a patient success story is Joey-Hester Perez, who is a young boy cured of autism, thanks to CBD oil administered by his mother.


On that note…

...don't knock it until you've tried it! Some cannabis strains won't leave you feeling completely sedated (albeit in a subliminal state). There are plenty of unique anxiety-relieving buds that you can prepare for consumption using CBD and cannabis merchandise, minus the drowsy feeling. 

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