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Humboldt Clothing


"One of the most comfortable hoodies I've ever worn" -Livestoner

The Alpha puff kit review by Livestoner.

Humboldt Clothing Company has truly surprised me. This is one of the most comfortable and quality hoodies I've ever owned. Heavy weight, quality threads that still has ample flexibility and super soft to the touch. This is definitely a winter time hoodie! I see myself wearing this for future winters to come as well, love everything about this hoodie. Did I mention it has a secret zipper?

The Product


The Humboldt Clothing line was started in 2002 by Angel Young. Since then she has grown this company to one of the predominant clothing companies in Humboldt county. From Clothing quality to management, this is a great company and deserves our support!

Secret Zipper Stash

The secret zipper located by your left hip is an awesome addition. Perfect for keeping money, pipes, or anything you want secure and hidden. I have ton's of hoodies, not one has this feature. This was made with smokers in mind and a perfect weed hoodie.

The Alpha kit has a built in grindr and storage space

Final Thought

This is a company that stands behind their product, gotta love that. They have ton's of designs that will suit any enthusiast that loves hoodies. They have other apparel such as shirts, hats and even threads for your kids. I also love the fact they have their own accessory line. The mini grinder was great, it fit perfectly in that secret stash zipper along with the lighter and one of my pipes. If you really want a quality hoodie and love supporting SFTB (started from the bottom) companies, check them out!


  • Thick

  • Flexible

  • Secret Stash

  • Amazing Quality

  • Dope Design

  • Solid Company


/ 5


  • None

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