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The Unboxing

From the Company

The Hippie Butler service provides a monthly subscription of custom curated smoking products and accessories to a large demographic of customers in the United States and Canada.

Founded in 2016, Hippie Butler has rapidly moved in as one of the top smoker subscription boxes by providing top-quality subscription packages that can be tailored to the customer’s unique preferences. With just a few simple questions, customers can choose between three different tiers of monthly subscription boxes, creating a highly-personalized shopping experience.

Beyond the subscription revenue model, Hippie Butler also features an independent online store for customers to purchase individual products from top brands in the industry as well as custom branded products available exclusively through the Hippie Butler website.

First I want to address the packaging. You can't see me but I am clapping my hands together ( very loudly ) because so many companies fail to do this. There packaging is on point, inside and out. Everything was securely wrapped and nothing was fumbling around. You can tell a lot about the company just from the packaging.

The Hippie Butler offers 3 options to choose from. 

Rollers Box ($11.99 pm) - Butler Box ($32.99 pm) - Masters Club ($139.99 pm)

You can also choose what you'd prefer in your box which makes for even more customization!

I will be reviewing the Butler Box.

In this box I got 12 items in total. It's just like a traditional monthly box. You get papers, wraps, a pipe, lighter and a special item. I really like the quality of this box to say the least. I've seen plenty of subscription boxes around the same price with absolute horrible quality. Most of them are out of business and you can tell why. The Hippie Butler chooses quality over quantity as should any OG smoker. I can see myself using everything that came in this box on a daily basis which is a big deal to me. I can't  tell you how many items just sit around from other subscription boxes that are plain out useless. Below I will go over each product that was in the Hippie Butler monthly weed box.


The glass spoon pipe in the box was made from thick glass. It has nice weight to it and does not feel like a pipe you'd get at a dollar store (if they sold pipes). It has a deep bowl and good size mouth piece. I'm not a huge fan of the design but it's a pipe I would still use nonetheless. It's always great to see companies take pride of what's in their box. Countless times I have received worthless pipes that I would honestly throw away.


Hippie Butler has their own line of grinders? Say whaaaa...

I think it's awesome when companies make their own products. It really signifies the growth and quality of the company. The 4 piece grinder by Hippie butler is your standard build. It's made out of aluminum and has diamond shaped teeth, pollen screen, pollen scraper and a powerful magnet. This is a great addition to a monthly weed box but I wouldn't see my self purchasing this grinder on its own.

Everything Else

Final Thought:

If you're looking for an affordable, quality box, the Hippie Butler is for you. I'm not one to use the world "quality" loosely. If something is not up to par I will be the first to say it. From the packaging to the products this is a great box for beginners to OG's. Aside from a great quality subscription box I really love the assortment of goods you get. The only thing this box is missing is a stash list of all the products the box contains. I find those to be extremely helpful and only a handful of boxes utilize this feature. Also I wish the pipe was more unique. It is a great quality pipe but it's a very boring pipe as well.


This concludes our Hipper Butler Review

I'd really love to check out their Masters Club Box. If I end up getting it I will post the review link under this.

Check out the Hippie Butler for yourself and see what monthly box best suits you.

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