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Hemper Box


"Cool little box". -Livestoner

The Unboxing

From the Company

Welcome to Hemper, the absolute best place to get your monthly smoking box for any occasion! Our monthly smoker boxes keep you stocked at all times with all of the smoking goods you could possibly need, regularly replenishing your stash so you don’t have to worry about running out of paper goods, and you can always have new and trendy glassware to keep you occupied.

With Hemper, it is easy to take part in a subscription service that eliminates the need for you to ever need to make a last-minute, late night run to the store for the paper goods you need, putting your party or socializing time with friends on hold while you go out on your errand. Always be prepared with the tools you need on hand to have a good time, thanks to Hemper. Our state-of-the-art, high quality smoker boxes are specifically designed to last users like you an entire month before the next shipment arrives.

Not a heavy smoker? Do you want to take part in this incredible and convenient subscription service, but are afraid that you’ll have too much product still left over when your next box arrives? Not to worry! That is exactly why we offer methods for you to customize your monthly smoking box to tailor fit your needs. No one knows your smoking habits better than you, so you know exactly how often you’re going to need to replenish your paper goods, or how often you’re going to want a new piece of glassware. For this reason, we make it possible for users like you to receive your smoker box every month, every three months, every six months, or once a year. This way, you can choose exactly the plan that works best for you—and you can change it at any time!

Whats inside the hemper box. monthly weed box review.

Everything came neatly organized in a secure, thick box. How a company packs and ships their products is a major selling point these days. It really shows how much a company cares about their products and customers. Great selling points about Hemper is 1, they make their own products such a pipes, grinders, accessories etc and 2, they team up with fellow stoners to add a even more customized vibe.

The Hemper Box offers a ton of customized subscriptions that will suit any stoner.

Today I will be reviewing the Glassentials Box for $29.99

Example of their subscription box

The Products produt review

So this box by Hemper came with 9 items. Yeah, it's not that much but I truly like curated boxes that aren't just a bunch of crap thrown together. Quality over Quantity! They teamed up with the popular stoner Kimmy Tan which makes it even better. It came with the basic essentials you'd get from a monthly weed box + a few added custom products.


Glass water pip by hemper

The mini water pipe is great. Nice thick glass and provides a smooth hit. It's a nice back up piece to have around, doesn't take up much room and is one tough bastard. With the Hemper logo on the neck it adds a collectors feel to it.

Say What?

silicone duble hiter
silicone double hiter

Double the power

If you've been in the game for a while you already know what this is. Why smoke 1 joint when you can smoke 2 at the same time? Hemper created their own silicone double hitter. It's a nice party starter that is easy to clean and virtually indestructible. I think it's awesome when companies make their own products. It really signifies the growth and quality of the company.

Everything Else

This actually smelled really good. This is the first time I received an air freshener in a monthly box.

Hemper rolling tray with some Kimmy Tan rolling papers.

Hemp wick made out of organic beeswax and a glass tip.

Final Thought:

All in all it was a cool little box. I like how Hemper creates their own products and teams up with fellow stoners to spice up their monthly boxes. Another good thing is how many options you have to choose from when selecting your box. With that being said, nothing completely "Wowed" me and the box was fairly small. 


This concludes our Hemper Box Review

My review is based off of 1 box. It's hard to rate these monthly boxes sometimes because one box can completely differ from another.

The final thought to the monthly weed box by

Our Take: ★★★★

Check out the Hemper Box for yourself and see what monthly box best suits you.

Use code livestoner5 and save $$ on your first order!

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