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Hakuna Supply Stash


"Luxury has never been so stealth." -Livestoner

The Alpha puff kit review by Livestoner.

Hakuna Supply stash boxes are lit! The quality and craftsmanship of these boxes are what set them apart from all the other stash boxes. Not to mention the supplies you get with every box!

This box came with:

Hakuna Grinder

Hakuna Stash Jar

The Product

The Book

I absolutely love the design of this book. It has a vintage vibe to it that adds an awesome edition to your shelf or honestly, where ever you may put it. The Faux Leather gives this book authenticity. It's not some cheap piece of crap you'll get off ebay. Most secret stash boxes are made of plastic, very flimsy and can be spotted a mile away. The quality is really what separates this box from others, plus I love looking at it!

What's Inside

The Grinder: The Grinder by Hakuna supply is great. It has some weight to it and you can really feel the quality. The grinder comes in 4 pieces. The teeth are extremely sharp and really make your buds fluffy when you break it down. It's better than your average grinder that's for sure.

The Jar: Creates a water tight seal that locks in odor and keeps your herbs fresh.

Comes with 2 keys: Just in case your high ass loses one.


The Maroon felt interior creates a plush environment for your stash. No scratches, less clinking sound and a elegant touch. It has ample room so you can fit a fair amount of goods in the box. The only thing I don't like it the metal door. It's kind of thin, it feels like you can bend it open. 

Final Thought

Hakuna offers stash boxes you can't get anywhere else. From the quality to the awesome designs, Hakuna supply really is setting the bar high. I really love when companies make their own accessories. In addition to the stash boxes they offer things like Herb grinder, stash jars, luxury stash boxes, and rolling trays. Hakuna is a company that stands behind their products, gotta love that!


Awesome designs, quality leather.

The grinder is a great addition. I'd buy it on it's own.

Stash jar.

Soft felt interior.

Great company


  • Great Designs

  • Good Quality

  • Awesome Company

  • Comes with 2 keys

  • Good Grinder

  • Stash Jar


/ 5


  • The metal door could be thicker.

Try it for yourself!

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