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GR8TR by Kannastor


"Hands down, best grinder I have ever used" -Livestoner

The GR8TR by Kannastor

The GR8TR by Kannastor is hands down the best grinder I have ever used. So many features in 1 grinder makes it hard to ever want or need a new one.  From it's quality to functionality, it's really something you need to experience for yourself. 

Let me tell you why this has become my favorite grinder.

The Product

Today we review the GR8TR from the awesome Kannastor folks.
Truly a premium herb grinder.

7 Pieces for an Epic Grinder

This 7 piece grinder may sound difficult, but you couldn't be more wrong. It's super easy to use and every part serves a purpose in making your grind easy and efficient.

Sharpest teeth on a herb grinder

The Teeth

Holy S**t, these teeth are sharp. By far the finest and sharpest teeth I have ever seen on a herb grinder. They are Micro teeth that require less torque and provide one hell of a grind. Super easy to clean and empty as well. What sets the GR8TR apart from others is the fact you can choose what you want to break your buds down for. They give you 2 sets of teeth plates which can be easily changed. 1 for regular chopping for pipes, joints etc. 2 for Vaping, extra fine teeth and holes optimized for dry herb vapes. This is really a innovative and much needed feature.

So mny features on the GR8TR it's crazy!


This grinder really does have it all. Big props to the design team, they really thought of the users with these features. On the left you will see they created a storage compartment for extra or left over herbs. This is awesome for on the go smoking or just so you don't lose your stash. Also I found it nice for a emergency ashtray and to also hold your roaches.


2 extremely sharp micro teeth plates. One is for regular grinding, the other for Dry Herb Vapes. They are very easy to change and have special compartment for storing the plate you're not using.


The friction / residue rings on the GR8TR® grinder create an "Air Ride" by greatly reducing the friction created between the exterior wall of the press and inner wall of the grinding chamber. This is also why it require minimal torque.

The easy to change, easy to clean screen. This is one durable screen however, if you ever need to change it, it's super easy. 

All in one herb grinder

Final Thought

All in all, this is one epic grinder from head to toe. I will continue to use this as my main grinder and will update how it does on the long run. You can keep buying cheap crap that makes your life hell or you can spend a little more on something you'll use forever. It's slim, sleek and feels good in your hand. What I also love it the fact that you don't hear any squeaking when changing the parts! It really is a superior grinder. For those of you who read my reviews, you know I'm not easy to impress.. With that being said, this one got me.


It's all in one features are awesome.

Sleek, durable and very portable.

7 pieces for customizing.

Easy to change and clean micro screen.

Extremely sharp micro teeth for a superior grind that has no competition.

One, if not THE best grinder I have ever seen/owned.


  • Easy to use

  • Mobile

  • Durable

  • Customizable

  • Super sharp teeth

  • Great Quality

  • Awesome Features

  • Solid Company


/ 5


  • None

Try it for yourself!

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