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"Classy, Stylish and extremely portable. Everything you'd expect from a modern vape" -Livestoner


FLYTLAB really is really setting the bar. One of the easiest, most efficient and durable vapes I've owned/tried. 

The packaging was spot on and super quick delivery. They showed me they are truly a brand and not just another vape.

Here are some features I'll get into, don't worry it will be quick!

Fully Ceramic Oven

Retractable Glass Lip Piece

What it's made of

One- Button Control

Three-Temperature Settings

How quick it heats up

Battery Life


The Product

Modern dryherb vape pen that really getsthe job done.

Modern, Sleek Design

The solid one piece design make this vape extremely durable and simple to use. All you have to do is unscrew the cap and add your dry herbs. I love the modern look and how it fits perfectly in my hand. The one button technology helps alleviate traffic and completely simplifies it. It's not some giant vape that can bee seen from space which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Comes with all the vape accessories you need.


Comes with everything you need. Exchanging, cleaning and charging, they got you covered.  These are quality accessories that will hold up which is very important to me. Some of my past vapes came with horrible accessories, I mean s**t you can buy at the dollar store. This is one sure fire way to see just how commendable a company really is.

One of the best dry herb vapes I've ever used.
Glass tip.

The Features

The sleek look and feel is not the only reason I fell in love with this dry herb vape. The features of this vape are what kept it by my side. Yeah, sure a lot of these vape pens have the same gadgets and features and so many fail to execute. That's not the case with the folks at FLYT LAB.

Here are the features.

(From the company)

Fully Ceramic Oven - Utilizes a hybrid (conduction/convection) heating system to produce a true vaporization of your herb. Ensures full-flavor and pureness. Holds 0.6 Grams.

Retractable Glass Lip Piece - Equipped with a pyrex glass outer layer and a heat resistant organic thermoplastic core. Stores away inside the device for protection and cleanliness; doubles as a packing tool when the device is in session.

What it's made of - It's made of a light weight aluminum alloy featuring a clean air path system which avoids all electrical components.

Auto- Shutoff Feature - If left unattended for more than 30 seconds after heating up, the LIFT will automatically begin to cool itself down to preserve your herbs and prevent battery drainage.

One- Button Control - (Color Coded) - Allows you to turn device on/off (3-clicks), adjust temperature settings (press and hold), and check battery life (press and hold when device is off).

Three-Temperature Settings - High (415-425), Medium (395-405), Low (365-375). Enables you to adjust the temperature to which your herb is heated so flavor and cloud production can be customized to fit your personal preference.

How quick it heats up - Takes less than 40 seconds to reach highest temperature and bakes continuously for a full 2-minute session once the desired temperature has been reached (also can be manually shut
off ).

Battery Life - A full battery provides 13-20 bowls (Depending on the temp). Charge time 2 hours. Mini USB Rechargeable.

Warranty - All FLYTLAB products are backed by a 10-year manufacturers warranty.

Final Thought

FLYTLAB is one of the highest rated dry herb vapes for a reason. I have been personally using this vape for 2 weeks now. Super easy to use and with a ergonomic I can really take it anywhere. I love how the accessories it came with are of equal quality. The charger is not some piece of crap you can buy at your local gas station, it look like it will really hold up. On top of everything else, I like the company. FLYTLAB has a certain swag to it that competitors can't touch and a great reputation.


Sleek, ergonomic design with simple features.

Dope accessories.

Retractable Glass Lip Piece.

Fully Ceramic Oven.

Made of a light weight aluminum alloy featuring a clean air path system which avoids all electrical components. Also great battery life!

Comes with quality accessories.

A company that stands behind their products. Comes with a 10 year warranty.


  • Easy to use

  • Mobile

  • Durable

  • Has everything you need

  • Affordable

  • Great Quality

  • Awesome Features

  • Solid Company


/ 5


  • None

Try it for yourself!

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