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The Weedgets Company


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Meet Weedgets LLC, the company founded on simple principles of making it better and safer for the user. Cooler, cleaner and smoother hits that all we can ask for. Regardless of what we smoke whether it’s a joint or a pipe, blunt or prerolled cone, so frequently a burning piece of resin or dry flower bit hits you tongue or even worse burns your throat. Not a pleasant feeling as we all know. Here at Weedgets we design simple yet essential smoking accessories that protect your lungs, protect your tongue and throat. We all know smoking is not safe but reducing the risk of getting resin and tar in your lungs is very high without filter protection.

Getting resin continuously over time will cause harm to your health. Not that smoking anything will not cause problems, but resin will produce more significant problems.

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Silicone Filters

Our silicone filter adapters prevent hot resin and tar getting into your mouth. They cool the smoke and additionally allow the use of extra charcoal filters that can further eliminate tar and create unreal smoothness with every hit drastically reducing coughing. We designed filter tips in four sizes that work with joints, one – hitters, small pipes, large pipes and certainly they are essential when sharing the vape pen or vaporizer. 



We would not want you to get germs or virus from using the same mouthpiece when sharing any device. Now you can have your own mouthpiece and you will never have to lick someone’s saliva again.


The Pipe

Our flagman product is the MAZE pipe and its variations from round to flat MAZE pipes. During the design we took into consideration not only the temperature reduction and purification of the smoke but also how easy it should be to clean the pipe. Silicone material is very unique. Nothing sticks to it so washing it is as simple as using soap and water no alcohol required.  

The ingenious design of the MAZE pipe makes it the only pipe on the market that cools, cleans and purifies the smoke by itself. After few nights of smoking you can open the pipe and find that all that dangerous resin and tar has been retained inside the pipe, preventing it from getting inside your mouth and lungs. 

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As a result, you will also feel the real delicious taste of your favorite strain because the resin horrible taste is not on your tongue taste buds anymore. 
Please come and explore our website at and do ask questions and we will be happy to help you with any questions. We have a pipeline of products in development that will address the safety concerns during smoking. 

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