Top Weed Gadgets of 2017


A committed cannabis connoisseur's job involves more than getting stoned. The larger and more diverse one's selection of weed apparatus, the better the high one can expect. So, ask yourself: is your stash in need of an update? With the range of cannabis accoutrements ever-growing, you can never own enough marijuana accessories! From luxury herbal vaporizers that will enhance the taste of your strains to grinders, filtration devices and smell-proof bags, there’s a lot to be said to for the market.

Get Your Hands on These Top Weed Gadgets of 2017

If you consider yourself to be a fairly discerning pot pundit, chances are you will be on the lookout for something that you can add to your pile of “smoker necessities”. Here are a few of the best weed accessories that have created some hype in the weed world this year:

Magical Butter Machine

If you prefer to eat your bud, rather than smoke it, use the MB machine to easily integrate herbs into your cooking. Described as the "world’s first countertop Botanical Extractor", it can be used to prepare butter, alcohol, tinctures, oil and even body lotions. Simply add your herbs and press a few buttons to create marijuana-infused butter. The machine also works with various other herbs, like basil, chives and that have created some hype in the weed world this year:

LEAF “Plug-n-Plant” Grow System

Control this grow system from your smartphone and receive daily reports directly to your device. As a fairly time-consuming task, the process of growing cannabis necessitates a lot of upkeep from the cultivator. The LEAF weed gadget uses intelligent automated technology to help cannabis growers manage nutrient doses, temperature, humidity, etc.

GEN II Phoenician Patient Tray

You can put your money on this rolling tray lasting a lifetime. It is designed with a compartment for your grinder, lighter, rolling papers and herb. You'll even notice that it has a built-in ashtray! Exhibiting a slick black aluminum build, these weed gadgets of 2017 will even look good sitting on your coffee table. Not a fan of the color black? Opt for the 24-karat gold-plate GEN II Phoenician Patient Tray.

Lean Green Wizard Cone Filling Machine

 This weed gadget created a big buzz earlier in the year and it remains one of the most popular premium grinders and cone-filling machines on the market today. Featuring a removable loading tray and a 4-piece grinder, it allows for perfect pre-roll packing in two simple steps: load the machine and insert your favorite cone brand.

SilverStick One-Hitter 

Don't let cannabis embers ruin your smoking experience. This easy-clean portable pipe is crafted from aircraft grade alloy and is equipped with a natural filter. Sold with 25 natural cotton filters and a stainless steel poker, the SilverStick One-Hitter prevents tar build-up. It may have a fairly subtle appearance at just 3.125 inches tall, but it delivers a powerful puff.


It might just look like a chunky pen, but the PenSimple is a weed gadget like no other. Use it to store, grind and dispense herbs up to the amount of one gram. Its aircraft grade aluminum grinder teeth can be found at the top of the pen. After the grinding process is complete, your herb drops into the storage compartment below. At its opposite end, you will find a cone-shaped dispenser. This dispenser eliminates the need to actually touch your weed, which prevents sticky fingers.

What is in store for 2018?

So, there you have it - the top weed gadgets of 2017. Should you be on the lookout for a ganja-themed gift for someone other than yourself, think about splurging on one of the many cannabis accessories that are getting ready to drop in 2018! SharpStone will soon be introducing new colors of their eagerly awaited Version 2.0 grinder. Also worth checking out is the latest range of AirVape OM vaporizers, which can be used to vape both oil and THC wax concentrates.

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