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Why You Need a Custom Grinder

Munch Makers


Grinders are one of those products every weed smoker has in their smoke box.  Without a good grinder every joint, bong, blunt, or bowl just won’t reach its full smoking potential.  A grinder is important to make the herb optimal for smoking and make sure every hit burns the maximum amount of flower.  It is really one of the most important purchases to make for the economically minded smoker.


Because grinders are so important it is important to invest in a high quality piece that will last for years and grind the weed into the perfect density and quality.   In any smoke shop there are usually dozens of grinders for sale but most of these are cheap plastic that barely last a single smoke session (and waste a lot of weed!).  And because the same grinder (if it’s a good grinder!) can last with the smoker for years, it is also recommended to buy a custom grinder to make every smoke session feel personalized and sentimental. custom weed grinders are some of the highest quality grinders on the market and can also be completely personalized with any image, phrase, text, or logo!  This makes these custom grinders an amazing personalized gift for your smoking friend.  You can make a personalized grinder with your friends favorite band, piece of art, sports team or just upload your favorite picture of you together.  Or even buy a grinder for you and another one for your friend and switch grinders depending where you blaze...

The Get Down

types of weed subscription boxes

The grinders from Munchmakers come in 4 varieties:






For the more premium customers the matte grinder has the best look and feel but zinc, aluminum, and wood are all exceptional grinders.   Every custom grinder comes with a carry bag, a pollen scraper, and a one year warranty.  

Best of all, these custom grinders are not cheap stickers that will fall off - they are actually printed on with high UV ink technology to make a real beautiful grinder that stands out and lasts for years!  The image is printed in high quality print showing fine details and outstanding colors.

The zinc, aluminum, and matte grinders have 4 chambers and dozens of sharp teeth to cut the weed to small bits.  The wooden grinder has 3 chambers but also grinds like a ninja master.  


For dispensaries and wholesaler making custom grinders is the ultimate merchandise for customers.  When the customers are picking up their fresh stash they may want a grinder to go with it.  What better grinder to offer them than a custom herb grinder?  

Save $$$

Custom grinders from are affordable for any smoker at just $7-8 a piece for wholesale orders and $30 with free shipping worldwide for 1 custom grinder with any image shipped anywhere in the world.  


Buy a personalized grinder at 20% off with coupon code LIVESTONER


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