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Controlla Clips
Tired of not being able to hit the joint while in the middle of combat? Made specifically for gamers, now you can enjoy your smoke whilst kicking ass!
Adapts to most controllers.
LabRat Supplies
These are a must have for avid smoker. Comes with 12 brushes to keep your smoking accessories clean!
Dab Tool Covers
Keep your Dab Tools safe and clean with these Non-Stick Silicone covers. They are great for traveling, protecting your tool from foreign debris, and are colored coated.
420 Rez Block
Never worry about your smoking accessories getting blocked up by resin again! OG smokers know what's up.
RAW Glass Rolling Tray
Yes, that's right! Made out of pyrex glass this is a unique and Limited Edition rolling tray.
Bhanga Box
Water proof and super durable travel case for stoners.
Telescoping Roach Clip
The Ultimate 420 Scope
Standalone microscope with LCD screen, microSD internal memory slot and rechargeable battery
Up to 1200x magnified snapshot, filming and measurement calibration functions
Perfect for home and field studies for student and commercial use
Compatible with PC, Mac and iPad (using iPad camera kit)
420 Scope
Affordable and easy way to check out whats really going on with your herb!
60-100x magnification
Bright, ultra-white LED light
Comes with long-lasting batteries
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"When it comes to weed accessories, every stoner needs to have a tool. We have awesome stoner multi tools and things you will need to accommodate the lifestyle and the right Smoking Utensils for smokers.