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Introducing Hemper: The Best Smoking Subscription Box

Hemper Team


In the day of loot boxes, online shopping, and subscriptions, it only makes sense that some genius would come up with a specialized service for smokers. That genius happens to be Bryan Gerber, Co-Founder, idea man, and “Hype Man” for Hemper.

But what, exactly, is Hemper?

Hold on to your herbs, folks, because we’re about to blow your mind.

It Starts with An Idea

Have you ever wished you could invent something? Like a product or service so popular that you never have to work under someone else again?

Now imagine you get that idea in the midst of college. You have the idea, two of your best friends like the idea and sign up to help, and you find an investor?!

Welcome to the life of Bryan.

Bryan was studying at George Washington University in DC. He and his smoking friends ordered their supplies through Amazon at the time, but Bryan soon found himself frustrated with the constant hunting, picking, and ordering. Wasn’t there a simpler solution? No? Well, someone needed to come up with one.

Soon, Hemper was born.

Serving Smokers of All Styles

types of weed subscription boxes

Hemper’s main claim to fame is a professionally curated box of goodies for smokers. Contents generally value $125 — but you can get them for the low price of $39.99 (plus shipping). So what comes in these boxes? A mixture of 10+ items including a new glass piece, a few surprises, and a mixture of the following essentials:





Oil Rigs
Flavored Papers

Rolling Trays

Hemper releases a new box every month, but clients can customize their subscription’s frequency to fit their lifestyle. Typically the innovative minds at Hemper handle picking each item in the Hemper Box, selecting items from some of the most well-known smoking accessories, but they also collaborate from time to time with celebrities and specific brands to bring in new and exciting products.

The Hemper Subscription Box is a great discovery tool for newbies and veteran smokers, alike. But if you already know what you like, then Hemper also has something for you: the Build-A-Box.

Build Your Own Subscription

Hemper subscription boxes

The Build-A-Box comes in two forms: Core and Plus. For each, clients pick what items they want in their box. The Core comes with six essentials, and the Plus comes with those six plus a Premium item of your choice. Essentials follow the same eight categories as the Hemper Box, and Premium items include things like hempwicks, doob tubes, and the like.

The cost of all this?
Core: 9.99 + shipping
Plus: 21.99 + shipping

A definite plus for the light wallet.

Smoke in Style

Hemper considers every client a premium customer. They take pride in the quality and selection of their products; they also value your privacy. When you shop with Hemper, you can enjoy choosing products from the comfort of your own home and know that your items will arrive in discreet packaging with no branding on the mailer.

Whether you want to stock up essentials every month or try some new brands and rigs, Hemper has something for you. Head on over to and start exploring today.


Hemper Team

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