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"Always something new!". -Livestoner

The Unboxing

From the Company

Our expert curators hand pick 10+ smoking accessories every month to pack in your Hemper box, while consistently delivering $100+ dollars in value for $29.99. 


What makes the Hemper experience unique is the ability to discover the latest products from an array of categories and premium brands throughout the industry without leaving your home. 


Our in-house product development team is constantly innovating, designing, and developing unique smoking accessories to put into your curated boxes, that you won't find elsewhere. 


All boxes are shipped in a discreet mailer bag with no branding on the outside as we value your privacy as much as our own. 

Monthly weed box review

So in this review I will be going through 2 monthly boxes from Hemper. Stay posted for future reviews on them as I will be doing more for a consistency review.

Right out of the gate I was excited because I for one love when companies partner with fellow stoners. It brings more character to each box, not only in the content inside but the box itself. With these 2 boxes Hemper has collabed with The Dabbing Granny & Custom Grow 420. 2 prominent faces in the smoking community. box
weed subscription box by hemper

The packaging was awesome, everything was secure and in place. I cannot stress how important this is. There have been multiple times when I have received a monthly subscription box from companies who just throw everything in the damn box and make everything a mess. This is the first thing I look for because a company who cares about their packaging is a company that cares about their customers.


The Products

dabbng granny weed box
Livestoner Email logo.JPG
custom grow 420 kit
Livestoner Email logo.JPG

The box comes with everything a stoner would need. It's always nice to get a fresh kit every month because I don't know about you but I seem to "misplace" my lighters all the time.  Honestly, every box comes with the same set of products which is expected. It's the special products and the quality that make a difference and I will take you through what Hemper has in these 2 Boxes

Glass glass

Custom Grow 420

hemper glass bong

Dabbing Granny

I have been doing these review for quite sometime and have come across a lot of glass, and I mean a lot. The glass in both of these boxes by Hemper were phenomenal compared to others I have seen. Nice thick glass, great designs and came with 2 stems. 1 for flour and one for wax which was great. Usually subscription box companies have to compromise because putting great products and good glass in a box for so cheap is very hard to accomplish. Judging by their products and glass it seems Hemper has it locked down.

420 wipes
hempe tech plugs


420 cleaning kit

This is a first ladies and gentlemen.. WIPES!! This is one of the best things that can be added in a sub box. Clean your hands/gear and its compact which is handy. Plus you gotta love a company that creates their own products!

The Plug came through with the Plugs! They have also added something every stoner should have in their equipment, Plugs. The Hemper Tech Plugs are universal which means it will fit both male and female ends. They also threw in some pipe cleaning straws.

Everything Else

The Bag

The Bag

Dope Custom Grow 420 drawstring bag

Puff Puff

Puff Puff

Glass tip and a metal tamper. Both highly recommended.

Oh Yeah

Oh Yeah

Of course, how can we forget the lighter and papers! Plus a doob storage is always nice.

Tips and Paper

Tips and Paper

Hemper lighter and paper tips with the smooth classic RAW papers.

Dabbing Granny

Dabbing Granny

One more look

Custom Grow 420

Custom Grow 420

Take a gander.

Final Thought:

All in all this a great company that caters to its customers. Seems they take time in what to add to their box and who to partner with which is always a great thing. Sometimes choosing a monthly weed subscription box can be hard because you don't know what you're getting each month. One month is could be good and shit the next. From what I got out of these 2 boxes is you can't go wrong with Hemper. They are a solid company who stands behind their products and really strive to bring new and interesting products to us stoners. Plus the necessities!


This concludes our Hemper Box Review

I will be adding more box reviews from Hemper for a consistency review!

Our Take: ★★★★

Check out the Hemper Box for yourself and see what monthly box best suits you.

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