Kushgrip - Non Stick
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Precision Non Stick Scissors.
Hydrofarm  Precision Curved Blade
Surgical stainless steel,
Ultra light and ergonomic and comes with holster.
Hydrofarm Mini Clipper
Always have one handy.
Pro 420 Classic Scissors
Comfortable Handles
Fast Action Scissors
Teflon Coating.
Sago Brothers
For fine trimming.
Ultra Snip
One of the best scissors to trim with. Fits in hand well and spring loaded.
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The TrimStation
he Fully Loaded package is a next generation, all-in-one, trimming platform
Includes adjustable stand
Built in scissor stand, drink holder and catch basin
Built in wrist rests with pads.
This is a must have for growers!
The Trim Bin
Harvest More with Trim Bin. The trimbin from harvest more is an innovative, ergonomic workstation that significantly increases efficiency.
Heavy Duty Herb Dry Rack
Durable Non-toxic Nylon Netting High-quality 3-Inch Thickest Steel Rings to provide sturdy support
3 Feet diameter, 6 layers
Free Storage carrying bag included
Adjustable and removable shelves w/ clips
Foldable and portable.
Heavy Duty Plug-in Mechanical Timer
Timer mode can be turned off, and used as a normal outlet
15 minute increments, 24 hours settings
120 Volt; 15A; 1725W
Surge protection; heavy duty construction. For indoor growing
Multi-Spectrum LED Grow Light
60° concentrating cup kit silver surface temperature oil spray. The back of the shell is made of 2.5mm thick pad of paper, the outer surface temperature of black spray paint waterproof. Can replace 3 to 5 times the power of high pressure sodium than traditional high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps can save 80% of energy. High light efficiency, 90% of light emitted can be absorbed by plants.
Hash Bags
Exclusively from HPS Grow Light Store! This 5 gallon 8 bags kit enables you to extract valuable plant resins and separate herbal extract into different grades. Removing dust, leaf and other contamination and holds all the finest and smallest high quality herbal crystals/pore size, making sure no crystals escape.
Honey Bee
The honey bee pollen collection & trimming tray is two helpful products in one. The trays feature a comfortable nonslip base, 150 micron stainless Steel screen and a pollen application brush.
iPower 600-Watt Light Set.
HID provides the most lumen per dollar, which means the most yields for your investment. This kit eliminates the need for mixing incandescent with fluorescent, or additional LEDs that provide little gains at 2 to 3 times the cost.
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