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Let me start off first by giving the folks at GRENCO. a big shout out. Tremendous care, honesty and talent! 

The GPEN ELITE is both Luxury and Modesty working together seamlessly. The design is sleek, fits in your hand perfectly and not a pen that screams " look at me, look at me". With that being said, lets jump right in. This is a Dry Herb vape pen that actually does what it's supposed to! Very simple interface : 5 Clicks to turn it on - 5 Clicks to turn it off. Not to mention Full LED!

Accessories include : Charger, Metal Packer, Brush and a Card Grinder. Everything one needs to be ELITE =)

With 2 buttons on the side to control the temperature and the battery life bar right next to it, the GPEN gets straight to the point and I like that. Simplicity is true beauty

Packing The Bowl

The mouth piece is removeable, this is where the magic happens. GPEN ELITE has the biggest ceramic chamber out right now which is good news for us smokers. More volume lets you have the freedom of not having to re-pack every couple of hits.  Easy to pack and easy to empty. You get a Greenco card grinder, packing tool and a brush to keep this at optimal performance.

To grind your herbs into a fine crumble

To clean the mouth piece guard and tank

To pack and empty the herbs.



▲Sleek and Sturdy design

▲Very easy to use

▲Great Packaging

▲Awesome Company & Customer Service

▲Fast Charge

▲LED Interface

▼The mouth piece is a little tough to remove

▼Have to inhale stronger than most vapes

▼The power button seems to be insecure with a light rattle



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