"A fun box for beginners". -Livestoner

The Unboxing

From the Company

Cannabake Box is not your typical subscription box. It’s the quintessential accessory for the connoisseur of fine flowers and makes a phenomenal gift for anyone who likes a good wake and bake or  afternoon/evening sesh. Packed full of top quality supplies and accessories that will compliment your experience, each month you can receive a supply of individually selected items that seem as if they were chosen specifically for you. We’re not your average box, we’re the box that rawks, Cannabake Box.

At first glance I was kind of thrown off by the Box. I was expecting something with a little more pazzaz. However there are 3 boxes you can choose from at Cannabake which makes it a little more custom to your needs. There is the Standard box, 710 Box, and the Craft Box. They also just released their new Bake Box that are 5-7 hand picked products sampled from past CannaBake boxes.

I will be reviewing the Standard box that comes with with 5-9 Essentials + Gear and is priced at $29 a month + shipping.

Keep in mind each box has different price points + 3 month and 6 month plans that are cheaper.

In this box I received these 13 items + some additional stickers. The items were not damaged and everything seemed to be intact. The items weren't really neatly divided or stacked, it kind of looked like they were just thrown in there. One other things I didn't like is there was no Stash list. A stash list is a list of all the products in the box ( in case you didn't know). 

I like the fact they include a bag of munchies. It really makes it more of a complete pack and a nice gesture. 


In this box I there were 2 pipes and they were pretty cheap.. I got 1 Glass pipe and 1 Wooden pipe. The Wooden pipe has some trippy designs but I do not see myself using it. The glass spoon pipe is made out of super thin glass, it feels like if I set it down to hard it might break. I'm the type that takes pride in my pieces and really love quality blown glass. I really don't expect a $100 pipe in any monthly subscription box but at the same time it has to be something i'm not embarrassed of.

Surprise Gift 

I'm one that loves surprises and arbitrary has become an exiting part of life. The surprise gift in the CannaBake Box was the Monkey O's Smoke Trick Kit. This kit makes it easy to do dope smoke tricks with out much effort and is pretty entertaining. I think making the smoke bubbles are cool af!

Everything Else

Final Thought:

This review was based off of 1 Box so it's kind of difficult to really say how good or bad the CBB box is on a monthly basis. The CannaBake Box is filled with little surprises but I really wish it came with a list of the products inside. Every month it will be something different! In this case, this was Septembers. The box I received I personally didn't think it was worth $29 + $9.95 shipping however, the other boxes they offer might be a different story. If I review one I will add a link below.

Check out the CannaBake box for yourself and see what monthly box best suits you.

Yes, I did eat the cookies.