Get your savings in early and cash in on this 420 Black Friday Deals.

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Rasta Bong Kit
This Rasta style bong kit comes with everything you need to blaze! Right now its Half OF and Free Shipping. Hurry because this deal won't last!
Sleek Grinder
5 piece sleek grinder.
The Hydra
This 3 in one smoking system. Super strong bubbler that is very easy to clean!
Tentacle Pipe
Perfect for super sticky buds.
High Knife
Has a 2 sharp blades, can opener, tweezers, tooth pick, roach clip and oh yea, its actually a pipe.
The Venom
This Sherlock venom pipe is definitely one that should be kept in a stash box.
Lollipop Pipe
As sweet as can be.
Grav Shirt
Nuff said
Flex Bong
The unbreakable flex bong. This is a good piece to have that will typically last a lifetime
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Find deals on Black Friday for weed accessories and anything 420 related can be difficult. We put together some products that currently are on sale for the coming holidays. If you like it please share it with your friends!


Happy Holidays!