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Top 5 Grinders Sold on Amazon


Top 5 Grinders Sold on Amazon

Nothing quite beats reaching for some rolling papers at the end of a hard day and packing the perfect cone with your preferred strain of cannabis. As any seasoned smoker knows, a grinder can make a huge difference to the smoking process. If you don’t have one, you could be left with sticky fingers, lumpy joints and a less than smooth smoke. By investing in the best grinder, it is possible to break up the buds (even strains with extra-thick resin) and ensure a more potent puff.


Not only this, but when you add one of the best weed grinders amazon has to offer there’s less chance of losing precious THC on your fingertips. Let’s not forget about the fact that grinding cannabis is an effective method of collecting kief, which indisputably packs the most pleasurable punch!


What to Look for in the Best Weed Grinder


Since the marijuana grinder was welcomed to the world in the start of the 20th century, its design has evolved in more ways than one. What began as an industrial tool for grinding plant matter has developed into a critical gadget for cannabis consumers everywhere. Nowadays, these herb-pulverizing contraptions function by grinding material and (depending on the design) collecting microscopic trichome particles in the basin, thus allowing the user to get the most out of every bud they bust down.


Before we recommend these herb grinders, let the following factors influence your decision:


  • Number of Compartments - One-compartment grinders, or two-piece grinders as they are otherwise known, are designed with a compartment in which the buds are granulated and retrieved. Some of the best Amazon weed grinders will have two compartments, known as three-piece grinders. Ground cannabis will collect in the second chamber. Want to maximize your high? Buy a grinder with three compartments, known as four-piece grinders. Pollen or kief residue will accumulate in the third chamber. (Smoke or vaporize this residue and you’ll get an instantly intense high!)

  • Material Choice - Generally, grinders will be constructed from non-toxic materials, such as wood, acrylic and metal. For durability, opt for chrome, aluminum or titanium-coated weed grinders.

  • Number of Teeth - How finely do you want your cannabis buds to be ground? The number of teeth will affect the consistency of your herb batch. Diamond-shaped teeth tend to grind herbs to a finer consistency than rectangular-shaped teeth, so keep this in mind.

  • Manual or Electric Operation - Most cannabis consumers will use a typical grinder that requires them to manually twist the compartments, until the bud has broken down and fallen through the holes (depending on the number of compartments). Battery-operated electric weed grinders can be a bit more expensive, but will provide much faster results. However, electric grinders can be difficult to clean.

  • Size and Capacity - Want to grind your ganja for vaping on the move? If so, a small portable grinder would come in handy. Large herb grinders will handle bigger batches of weed, which is worth considering if you consume a lot of marijuana.

  • Price and Warranty - Spending more money on your smoking paraphernalia will ensure you have the best Amazon herb grinder, as opposed to a poor quality grinder. Although it is possible to find grinders below $10, you ought to pay anything between $20-$100 for one that stands the test of time.


LiveStoner’s Pick of the Best Amazon Grinders


Rather than wasting those treasured high moments searching through pages upon pages of products, take our advice and contemplate buying one or more (you can never be too pot-prepared!) of the following top weed grinders of 2017:

Best weed gridner on amazon.


Best weed grinder on Amazon

Golden Gate Grinders  - Measuring 2.5 inches, this precision milled grinder is crafted with aircraft grade aluminum. Scratch-resistant, the Golden Gate herb grinder has sharp diamond-shaped cutting teeth, which allows for easy cannabis crushing. Included is a pollen scraper that can be used to collect the potent particles that filter through the stainless steel mesh screens. You can feel confident about getting value for money since this product is sold with a lifetime warranty.


Top weed grinders on the web
Chromium Crusher

Chromium Crusher - The Chromium Crusher is one of the best Amazon grinders for many reasons, such as its low price, sturdy construction and the variety of color options on offer. Choose from pink, purple, blue, green, silver, gold or black and admire the grinder's four-piece, three-chamber design. A mesh screen ensures fine-grained pollen filtering and the resistant ring makes the grinding experience swiftly straightforward.

This is one of the stongest weed grinders on the market. Definitely top 5 grinders.


best 420 grinder.

Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder - Last but not least on our list of the best Amazon grinders is this stylish product from the Sharp Shredda range. Made of anodized aluminium, the Shredda's stainless steel non-fraying mesh can be removed once it fills with pollen, before being emptied with the pollen scraper. When the razor-sharp teeth are not tearing buds into tiny pieces, the Shredda’s compartments are perfect for stashing green stuff. Enjoy a full money-back guarantee on this product if you are not satisfied.

The masterdam grinder is apart of our top 5 weed grinders because of its durability


one of the best weed grinders on the market today

Masterdam Rolling Supplies - One of many grinders in the Masterdam grinders series, this 2.2-inch grinder comes in an array of colors, including green, gunmetal, pink, purple, silver and black. Its curved teeth cut through buds, resulting in a pile of shredded, yet fluffy herbs. Thanks to the rounded base chamber you need not worry about losing any of your pollen, which is sifted through a micron screen. Residue build-up will not be a problem, as the anodized aluminum on each chamber is protected by a Non-Stick Nylon Ring.


This made out top 5 herb grinders because of its size and ability to destroy any bud you put in the chamber.

Kingtop Grinder - Powerful, strong and fairly large in size at three inches, the Kingtop is certainly one of the top weed grinders of 2017. Made of zinc alloy, this black grinder has a magnetic lid that minimizes spillage and a pollen catcher for collecting THC-rich kief powder. Available with a lifetime warranty, its sharp teeth will grind even the biggest buds.

So, there you have it: five of the top weed grinders of 2017. Check out our selection of Cheap Grinders.


Some alternative brands to look out for when shopping for the best Amazon grinders include Plixio, Homasy, GStar and Cali Crusher. Remember that the more willing you are to spend a little extra money on weed accessories, the better the chances of finding the best Amazon herb grinder that suits your vaping, smoking and/or baking requirements. Don't forget to clean your grinder to remove residue after crushing high-grade herbs, as this will lengthen its lifespan!

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