Alpha Puff Kit


"An awesome and much needed addition to the cannabis community" -Livestoner

The Alpha Puff: an innovative, convenient all - in - one smoking device that is a must have for any cannabis enthusiast. From head to toe the alpha puff really is a beauty with incredibly simple to use functions. Even the box it comes in is elegant! It's highly mobile and easy to handle which I like because I travel a lot which can sometimes make it difficult to smoke how I want. It's made out of a medical grade plastic and the ergonomic design of the alpha puff is on point to say the least.

Below I will go over all the capabilities the Alpha Puff has and why it's the best all in one smoke kit on the market.

Simple but Genius Components

With a sleek design and highly functional capabilities, the Alpha puff is by far the best all in one smoke kit I have came across. The components are easy to move around and take apart but also create a tight seal so you can add water for a smoother hit. Everything has its own specific place and easily accessible which is a much needed necessity. Most all in one kits are just that, all IN one. They just stuff your smoking accessories in a box or container and label it as a smoke kit, that's not the case here. Everything you need is located seamlessly on the outside of the Alpha puff which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but very efficient.


The alpha puff is super easy to clean and maintain. I just used hot water to rinse out all the plastic compartments and the grinder, it did just fine! The Alpha also comes with its own cleaning tool which is great. You can break down every part of the alpha puff and really to a detail clean. I recommend doing this once a month regardless of how much you use it. Keeping a clean piece will not only make your smoke taste better but give you a much stronger hit.

Herb Storage & Built-in Grinder

Yes, that's right. Located at the very bottom of the Alpha puff there is a herb storage and a grinder. The storage space creates a tight seal so no odor leaks out and no outside source can contaminate your herb. The grinder has strong magnets, sharp teeth and easy to twist. They literally added everything you need on one device. 

Torch - Papers - Tips

Ok, to me this is the coolest feature of the Alpha puff kit. The lighter, papers and tips slide in and out of their designated compartments for easy access. The papers wont be crushed like they usually do when you put them in your pocket or case and you will never lose your lighter again. They even have a spot for your pre -rolled joints, we'll get to that later.

The Alpha

This is what it looks like when you assemble the water pipe. It's easy to draw and provides a great hit. It can be put together in under 20 seconds when you get the hang of it. I was able to assemble it and and take it apart quick after my 3rd try. I can see myself honestly using this more when i'm on the move. Camping, hiking, beach, road trips etc.. I'd also take it over to a friends house just to hear them say "Wtf is that" then proceed to blow their minds. 

If you like to stay ahead of the curve and up to date with all the latest gadgets in the cannabis community, you need this!

  • Easy to use

  • Mobile

  • Durable

  • Has everything you need

  • Affordable

  • Great Quality

  • Awesome Features

  • Solid Company


  • None

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