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Want to create your own weed based affiliate website? We make it super easy and walk you through every step so you can earn your own passive income.

Easy and Straight to the Point

Creating a passive income website such as an affiliate based website is one of the best investments one can make. But it can be confusing and down right stressful. We take care of the hard stuff so you can easily add your own products when and how you want!


The website is already pre-built and our instructional video is super easy to follow and comprehend.

We're not going to try and give you a bunch of up sales or try and sell you some pipe dream. We show you the steps we took and how we have created a successful business revolving around the cannabis affiliate market. We give you the tools, the rest is up to you!

Our Connects

It took us quite a while to set up our connects and find out who to use and who to drop. Our hard work is now your gain! We will show you who and what affiliates we use and show how to obtain them! Starting a weed affiliate website has never been easier.


Let's be real, one of the most important things to you right now is the price. How much will all this cost?

When starting any business we understand funds are limited, trust that we have went through this same process. When making purchases you have to think of it from an investment standpoint. Ask yourself "Will this further my success" or "Will this increase my knowledge and help me create new and lucrative ideas". 


Any investment, any REAL investment will have a monetary value.

The cost of the entire program is $500

This includes the following:

Full functioning website

List of the best Affiliate companies to use

Step by step guide on how to grow your website

Instructional video

Keep in mind it would cost you $500 or more just for someone to create a website with features we offer.

This program is intended for entrepreneurs who are serious about creating and growing a cannabis related affiliate website. 

Please note that the website is created via WIX and is our very own custom template. You will have to pay WIX for their services. We chose WIX because it is super easy to use and a simple interface for users to move and create anything they want!

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