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They go great with any outfit! I personally bought the white with black and got them pretty quick.

Alexia Gutierrez

Berkeley, CA


Ordered 2. They got here fast. Same as the picture. No complaint.

Daren Flagstaff

Dallas, TX


So perfect! They fit perfectly and made with very strong rubber and the price is spot on. I will have to buy some for my nephew!

Carol Smith

Hialeah, FL


GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT! I honestly didn't think they would give a damn but I was completely wrong and i'd like to pay my respects!

So long story short, I thought I bought the black with white leaves but I guess I Accidentally choose the black with green leaves. I sent them an email regarding the issue literally within 5 min I got a reply and a solution. They sent the new one out the same day. I will be shopping here more often just for that fact.

Lisa Coniway

Hayward, CA


Got what i expected with a cool little gift. Thanks for that

Frank Richardson

Scottsdale, AZ


Ok so they got here pretty quick which was freakin awesome. If the packaging was a little better i'd give five stars but other than that these are great and what I ordered!

David Bullic

Richmond, VA


Phenomenal price.. I had to buy 5 lol.

Travis Beck

Chico, CA


The white & Black ❤️❤️❤️

Teresa Jefferson

Denver, CO



Marshall Glenn

Santa Rosa, CA


I think i found my xmass gifts for this year =) Got them fast with no issues.

Kali Velasques

Sandy Springs, GA


Got the Black and Green today. I normally don't leave reviews but these got here hella quick and this company deserves more recognition! Great service guys.

Ryan Trambogni

Odessa, TX


Much love from the islands brothas!!!!!!

Damion Mahelona

Maui, HI


To be honest i think the leaves could be a little better but overall, I like them and will wear them frequently.

Jason Martin

Arvada, CO


I like em.

Tim Deere

Sacramento, CA


I like that they can get wet and still be solid af. Pretty dope..

Gill Sullivan

Weed, CA


For $3 who wouldn't buy one, I mean really it's just $3 

Christian Jiang

Brattleboro, VT

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