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The Keefer
The Keefer is a high quality stainless steel kief pollen scraper shovel, designed as a multi purpose tool. Bigger in size than your usual scraper, allows you to gather more kief pollen from your herb grinder, jar, box, container, etc. It's also your go to blunt cigar wrap splitter cutter. Makes a perfect addition to your weed marijuana smoking accessories and supplies!
RAW Glass Rolling Tray
This tray is made with thick and quality glass. Easiest tray to clean and looks great where ever you put it.
Inflatable Joint
4ft Inflatable Joint. Honestly.. who doesn't want this.
The Pen Torch
Perfect for on the go. Easily fits in pockets, bags, containers and other portable objects. Dabbers, this one is for you!
The Toker Poker
Tired of losing your poker? Tired of it not being right next to you so you can easily empty cashed bowls? The Toker Poker is a Must have for every smoker! It even has a tamper so you don't have to pack it down with your finger anymore!
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Pre-Rolled 24K Gold King Cone
Let your inner baller out with these 24k Gold papers. This comes pre-rolled so you're ready to go!
Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter
Enjoy 420 cookies the proper way with this Pot leaf cookie cutter.
Pikachu Grinder
If you're a fan of Pokemon you need this grinder! Made of heavy duty zinc alloy, this Pikachu grinder has sharp teeth and is super easy to clean.
The Trident
Place 3 joints in the ends and puff. Make clouds so big even Poseidon will smell it.
Green Wizard Kit
Cone loader, Cone filler and a Grinder. Make life a little easier and buy one of these.
Death Star Grinder
For the Star Wars geeks!
Saving Up For Some Good Weed
Why are you saving your money?
Trippy Wizard Incense Burner
Get this trippy wizard to hold your incense and mask the odor you're emitting in your house.
Smoak OG
The Original Wooden Cigar Pipe. Premium White Oak Tobacco Smoking Pipe with a Woodbone Ceramic Bowl Inlay. Comes with everything you see.
Galaxy Wake-N-Bake Pipe Coffee Mug
This coffee mug will make your morning routine more enjoyable than ever. Hand crafted from high quality ceramic. The hollow handle allows the smoke to travel up to the mouth piece, so smoke with ease knowing your Smoke will never be contaminated by your drink. Must Be 18 or older and intended for tobacco use only. Each Mugs is about 10oz's

Each Mug is hand Made and the glaze is different on every single mug.
Gravity Bong Bowl
Don't try to make one with the original cap anymore. Made from organic materials and comes with a pack of screens.
200 Stickers
Pack of random stickers. Comes with 200.
Pineapple Pipe
Nothing sends out the right vibes like Pineapples. Get the one and only pineapple pipe and have less bad days.
SneakGuard Combi-Fresh
Keep your stash safe and fresh with this lock guard, vacuum sealed combination safe.
Adult Stoner Coloring Book
Keep it lit.
Weed Leaf High Socks
This is a 4 pack. Comes with 2 Pairs per pack and it's variety which is really nice. Every stoner needs a pair.
RAW Bandana
For the bad asses.
420 Keep out Sign
Keep out, unless you brought weed.
Add a touch of class to your apparel collection.
Smoke Be Gone
Made with natural and herbal extracts to eliminate smoke odor.
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Weed Leaf High Socks

This is a 4 pack. Comes with 2 Pairs per pack and it's variety which is really nice. Every stoner needs a pair.

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