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The Good, The Bad, The Stoned

Honestly best site I have personally came across for dank products. I just like the variety live stoner has.. I seriiously sat here one day and just thought of random things in my head and sure enough, they freakin had it. Amazing job guys. Keep up the good work.

Richard Hotltz

Oakland, CA

So I bought!Bong Lighter Attachment/zoom/mainPage/dataItem-ipm1xn15 because i'm constantly losing my damn lighter. It came in good packaging the lighter holder works better than I expected. 10 STARS!

Mike Tolser

Woodland, CA

I'm not much on an "online shopper" but the smoke shop I usually go to in my area started to piss me off, not to mention they don't have such a big selection to choose from. I've been pleased with my services from live stoner. All of the headshops they get products from are legit and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Took the hassle of going from site to site trying to find what I needed. 5 stars.

Adam Garrett

Sacramento, CA

Good stuff Good prices Good people. Very well done. Boone approved.

Victor Boone

Vancouver, CAN

I've been a smoker, Cannabis enthusiast and a active member in the community for the fight to legalize. I truly love and support what Live Stoner is doing here. They could've made and produced their own products, sell them and make more money but they've chosen to help other companies out and get just a fraction of what they could be making. That to me speaks louder than anywords someone can say. This is what the cannabis community is about folks. Sharing, Loving, Helping, Guiding and Prospering with one another.

Harvey Collins


don't see why any smoker wouldn't shop here.

Ashley Goodman

La Jolla , CA

Token my time away brotha! haha but i really like ya site and the glass you guys got so i will be here for a while.

Rash Malikah

Honolulu, HI

Bought some of those pot leaf ice trays and I must say. Best investment I ever made =)

David Anderson

Vail, CO

I wish they had more stuff for us chicks. Don't worry, I still love you guys anyway. PLEASE add more stuff for the stoner girls like my self! That is my only complaint!

Michelle Scott

Seattle, WA

At first I was a bit sceptic, as I am about most online companies. So I bought a sweater from their apparel selection.!Think Green/zoom/f5upv/dataItem-inpccz4w Is what i purchased. I guess they partner p with different companies, but i did some research and they are legit. Live stoner doesn't fuck around when it comes to their customers. Anyway, I got my hoodie. No problems. No discrepancies. Just a smooth transaction and you guys have a loyal customer from here on out! 5 High Stars my friends!

TJ Madison

Los Angeles, CA

DOPE DOPE DOPE! Oh did i mention DOPE!?

Jackson Urhetti

Carson City, NV

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